Signflow is the leading estimating and job management software solution for bespoke manufacturers

Welcome to Signflow

Signflow Software enables businesses in the manufacturing industry to estimate, manage and track individual jobs through every stage of the manufacturing process.
Unlike many other software packages on the market, Signflow can be tailored to our Customer’s exact business requirements without the high cost usually associated with bespoke software solutions.

Adaptable and Flexible

Why settle for something that has been created with many industries in mind and for businesses of all sizes?

Our adaptable and flexible solutions can be up and running in just days and then tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business.

Our estimating and job management functions have been specifically created for small bespoke manufacturers – typically with turnovers of between £0.5 and £15 million in industries such as:

  • Sign industry
  • Exhibition stand designers & builders
  • Furniture manufacturers & shop fitters
  • Engineers & fabricators

Signflow simplifies the estimating process

We created our first estimating and job management solution in 1992.

25 years later this solution has evolved into what we consider to be the best of its kind.

Simplicity is actually quite complicated. It is often equated with minimalism. Yet true simplicity is more than just the absence of clutter and decoration. It’s about offering up the right things, in the right place, right when you need them. It’s about bringing order to complexity. It’s about making something that always seems to ‘just work’.

When you pick something up for the first or second time and know how to do the things you want to do, that’s simplicity.

Our Credentials

‘Small Business Specialists’ are Microsoft partners who focus on helping small and medium sized companies manage their business challenges with the best use of IT.

To become a Small Business Specialist, Microsoft partners need to have proven their competency in marketing, selling, planning and delivering solutions for small businesses. They need to achieve a level of understanding and qualification that demonstrates that they can fulfil the needs of their customers and prospective clients.

The majority of Small Business Specialist partners are small businesses themselves and it is their experience and expertise that can provide the tools you need to run your business efficiently.

3 key reasons why your business should use Signflow


Signflow can be used straight off the shelf, or tailored to your exact business requirements.

User Friendly

Signflow is easy to learn, enabling users to get up and running in no time at all.


Our monthly user subscription plans make Signflow affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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